Trips and Visits

  • Trips


All trips made by parliamentary delegations, headed by the Speaker of the Senate, a member of the Bureau, or trips made by Committees, must be authorised in advance by the Senate Bureau, which establishes their composition. 

Trips led by the Speaker of the Senate or by a member of the Senate Bureau, are normally made in response to invitations from foreign Senates within the framework of bilateral relations.

Exceptionally, the Speaker of the Senate makes trips as a representative of the Spanish State.


Trips made by delegations of members of Senate Committees, and in particular the half-yearly meetings of Committees organised in relation to the Presidency of the European Union, have now become an ordinary channel for Parliamentary Committees of EU member States to share their experiences.


  • Visits


The Senate receives parliamentary delegations of differing ranks.

Visit from the Speakers of foreign Assemblies. Within the framework of bilateral relations, the Speaker of the Senate receives Parliamentary Speakers.


Visits from foreign delegations and parliamentary Committees. As part of the exchanges that take place between Committees, there are numerous delegations from foreign parliamentary Committees interested in finding out about opinions and experiences in relation to the activity and organisation of the Senate, its participation in legislative and Government supervision functions, and the territorial organisation of Spain.


Research visits and cooperation programmes. The Senate participates in the organisation of research visits with foreign Parliaments, as well as other institutions, both European (Committee of the Regions; IPEX, Inter-Parliamentary EU Information Exchange; TAIEX, Technical Assistance Information Unit; CERDP European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation,) and national (AECID, Spanish International Development Cooperation Agency; Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies, General Council of Judicial Power, etc.). In collaboration with the Congress of Deputies, it organises the Course for Parliamentary Legal Advisors.