Committees and Reporting Bodies. Composition, functioning and types

Last updated on 3/05/2016


Senate committees are the basic working bodies of the House and are composed of Senators in proportion to the weight of each parliamentary group in the House (article 51 of the  Standing Orders of the Senate);

This rule does not apply in the following cases:

Moreover, the composition of the Joint Committees is agreed at the beginning of the term of parliament by resolution of the Bureau of the Congress and the Senate and, as its name suggests, is mixed.



There are several types of Committees  (article 49 of the Standing Orders of the Senate)
1. Standing Committees, created for the entire term of parliament; that can be legislative or non-legislative.
2. Enquiry or special Committees, created “ad hoc” to carry out surveys or studies about any matter of public interest during a particular term of parliament. They are decommissioned once they have completed the task for which they were created.

Congress-Senate Joint Committees

The Joint Committees may be standing or special.
They are made up of members from both Houses.