Permanent Deputation. Appointment and functions

Last updated 02/09/2015
Chaired by the Speaker of the Senate, it has at least twenty one members. The Bureau, having consulted the Board of Spokespersons, establishes the total number of members for the Permanent Deputation and their distribution between the different Parliamentary Groups in proportion to their member numbers (articles 45 et seq. of the Senate Standing Orders). It currently has 38 full and reserve members, distributed as follows: PP Parliamentary Group in the Senate, 22; PSOE Parliamentary Group in the Senate, 9; Convergència i Unió Catalan Parliamentary Group in the Senate, 2; Entesa pel Progrés de Catalunya Parliamentary Group, 1; Basque Parliamentary Group in the Senate (EAJ-PNV), 1; and Mixed Parliamentary Group, 3. This distribution is revised at the start of each period of sessions in case there has been any variation in the composition of the House. The Bureau of this body is made up of the Speaker of the Senate, two Deputy Speakers and two Secretaries.
It is the duty of the Permanent Deputation to request that an extraordinary Plenary Sitting be held (articles 73 of the Constitution and 70 of the Senate Standing Orders) and to safeguard the powers of the House when it is not in session, or during the period between dissolution and the constitution of the new House (article 78 of the Constitution). The members of the Permanent Deputation retain their status as Senators even after their mandate has expired or the Senate has been dissolved. Once the new House has met, the Permanent Deputation must report on the issues raised and the decisions adopted during the period of dissolution.