Senate Speaker. Welcome

Last update 24/06/2019

Manuel Cruz Rodríguez

Manuel Cruz Rodríguez, Presidente del Senado

Welcome to the Senate, Spain’s House of territorial representation. Along with the Congress of Deputies, in accordance with the Constitution it represents the Spanish people in its entirety and all of its diversity. Which is, in turn, its richness.

As is the case with all democratic institutions, the general public require their representatives to address their concerns, to find solutions to their problems, and to show empathy for their wishes. As such, for this 13th legislature, my desire as President is for the Senate to be a useful, vibrant, open and attentive House. A forum in which citizens find both a voice and channel for their worries and demands, acting across the various regions of the autonomous State as consecrated in the Constitution, and for it to be accessible to the public.

A place for reflection, debate, dialogue and accord, in which, with the consensus of the groups of which it is constituted, it may be possible to meet the challenges we face as a country, and the issues of concern to us today as a society, where our social cohesion is at stake.

Our territorial model is also in just as much need of renewal and dialogue.

I am sure that between all of us, by the end of the legislature, we will have found the solutions to many of these challenges and that they will have passed through the Senate and gone on to serve Spain and all of you, its citizens.