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22 OCTOBER 2017


Attending Plenary Sittings

Senate Plenary Sittings are public. Anyone interested in attending the Senate Plenary Sitting debates may do so from the public gallery of the parliament.
This area can be accessed from Calle Bailén, 3.

How can I request to attend a Senate Plenary Sitting?

Anyone interested in attending a Plenary Sitting must complete a form.
The maximum number of people making up a group will be 35. If the group has a higher number of people, two different time slots should be requested.
School groups must be in at least the second cycle of Secondary Education.
Attendance at a Plenary Sitting must be requested at least 15 calendar days in advance.
To gain access to the Senate, visitors must present their ID card or Passport.
Once the request is received, the Visitors' Area will send confirmation as soon as possible, together with a form to be completed with the list of attendees at least 7 days before the Plenary Sitting in question.
Should there be any changes in the Senate's parliamentary activity, the Visitors' Area will contact the applicant as soon as possible to arrange a new date to attend a Plenary Sitting.

How can I attend Plenary Sittings?

If you would like to prepare for your attendance at a Plenary Sitting you can view the Sitting agenda, see the layout of the seats in Parliament and find out general information about the functions of the Senate and Parliamentary proceedings.
Citizens who attend Senate Plenary Sittings from the public gallery must abide by the established rules:
-        Remain silent
-        Switch off mobile telephones.
-        Take care to ensure that no object falls from the gallery into the room below.
-        Do not take photographs or videos.
-        Refrain from applauding or giving any sign of approval.
-        Refrain from shouting, uttering exclamations or giving any other sign of disapproval.
To find out more information, you can contact us via:
Or by calling: 91 538 13 75 / 91 538 19 38