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26 AUGUST 2019


Dictionary of terms

General terms

Electoral district or constituency

Geographical area to which one or several electoral seats are allocated. One of the essential elements of the electoral system.

Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA).

Inter-parliamentary cooperation forum aimed at fostering political dialogue between parliamentarians from Mediterranean countries and assisting, promoting and helping to consolidate and develop the "Barcelona Process”.

Extraordinary sitting.

The Constitution allows for extraordinary sittings to be held outside of the two ordinary periods of sittings at which the House meets annually; the first from September to December and the second from February to June. They are held to discuss issues that need to be debated immediately without waiting until the start of the following period of sittings. They must be convened with a specific agenda and will be closed once the agenda has been concluded. The Senate may meet in extraordinary sittings at the request of the Government, the Permanent Deputation or the absolute majority of Senators.