The Congress and Senate were disolved on 24 September 2019. The will be reopened on 3 December 2019.

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21 OCTOBER 2019


Dictionary of terms

General terms

General Committee of the Self-Governing Communities.

Unique committee in the Senate, characterised by the fact it contains double the number of Senators than any other House Committee and because the regional heads of government from the different Self-Governing Communities can intervene, with voice but no vote. This Committee discusses the concept of Spain as a Nation of Self-Governing Communities.

General debate.

Stage in legislative proceedings which takes place during the deliberations in plenary sittings to discuss a whole governmental or non-governmental bill.

General State Budgets.

Coded, combined, systematic expression of the obligations and rights to be liquidated during the year by each of the bodies and entities which are part of the state public sector. The Senate, together with the Congress of Deputies, approves the General State Budgets. The process by which the Draft Budget is debated follows the ordinary legislative procedure, with a few peculiarities including its prioritisation over other work of the House, the fact that amendments which imply complete opposition to a section are channelled as veto motions and that amendments which would increase credit must also contemplate a measure to reduce the same section by the same amount.


Body that wields executive power. It directs domestic and foreign policy, civil and military administration, and national defence. It performs the executive function and holds regulatory authority. It is made up of the President of the Government, who must have the confidence of the Congress of Deputies and who, a posteriori, elects the Vice Presidents and any Ministers. It is subject to the supervision of the two Houses. See "Supervision of Government and political impetus".

Government Memorandum.

Instrument that allows the Government to send information to the House which can then be debated to ascertain the House's views thereof. Following the debate of a memorandum, Parliamentary Groups can present motions to the Senate and proposals for resolutions to the Congress of Deputies.

Governmental bill.

Legislative initiative presented by the Government to be debated and passed as a law by Parliament.

Group discipline.

Parliamentary use by virtue of which members follow the instructions given by Parliamentary Groups in relation to the different activities carried out in the House, especially with regard to which way they vote.