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27 JANUARY 2020


Dictionary of terms

General terms

Qualified majority or Supermajority.

Rule for the adoption of an agreement by virtue of which specific percentages, such as two thirds or three fifths, of the rightful members of the House or Committee must vote in favour. However, on occasions, an absolute majority is also considered a qualified majority.


Supervisory initiative which can be used by members to interrogate the Government about matters that fall within their realm of competence. Questions must be submitted in writing to the Speaker of the House. Questions can require a written or an oral response, which shall be given at the Plenary Sitting or within a Committee. Questions are not admitted if they are of exclusive personal interest to the asker or any other individual person, nor if they entail a strictly legal query.


Number of members who should be present for a parliamentary body to be able to deliberate or adopt agreements.