The Congress and Senate were disolved on 24 September 2019. The will be reopened on 3 December 2019.

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21 OCTOBER 2019


Dictionary of terms

General terms

Weighted ballot.

Ballot at which a member of parliament, normally the Spokesperson of a Parliamentary Group, casts as many votes as seats held by the aforementioned Group.

Written question.

Questions requiring a written response by the Government may contain more than one matter. In the Senate, they are processed electronically in their entirety, and are published on the Senate webpage. They are presented in writing to the Speaker of the Senate. They are not subject to a timescale with regard to their formulation. The Government must send its reply within thirty days. If the Government does not provide a response within this timescale, the Senator asking the question may request that the question is included in the agenda of the following session of the relevant Committee with regard to the matter, where it will be treated as an oral question.