Invoices portal

Last update: 7/12/2018


The Bureau of the Senate agreed to authorise the House to join the platform that has been prepared by the General State Administration, “FACe – General Point of Entry For Electronic Invoices", through which Senate providers will submit their invoices as of 1 December 2018, at which point the FACSEN portal, where electronic invoices were being submitted to the Senate up to that point, will cease to function.

However, all invoices submitted up until 00.00 on 1 December, the processing of which has not been completed, will continue to be processed as normal, although providers will not be able to electronically access information on their processing status, as only the processing units may supply this information. Under no circumstances may duplicate invoices be submitted via FACe.

The web address for accessing FACe is the following:


The platform’s homepage includes all the necessary information for providers to make use of it, including user manuals and FAQs, as well as a support form and telephone numbers for incidents, which should be used in the event of any queries regarding the functioning of the FACe platform.