A day at the Senate

Follow a Senator in a day at work

  • Hello, I have just been appointed SENATOR for my province and I am a member of a political party.

    Would you like to know more about my work at the SENATE? Follow me.

  • I now have a meeting with other Senators to study a LAW.

    Would you like to come to the COMMITTEE?

  • In the Committee, in addition to explaining our position about a bill (if we like it or not), we also modify it through AMENDMENTS, and we vote.

    But the most important meeting is still pending...!

  • Here, in the PLENARY SITTING HALL, all Senators meet in PLENARY SITTING to explain what we have agreed and see if it can be improved. Those that obtain most votes win.

    But that is not all!

  • The meetings have finished, but before going for dinner I still have to address some questions to the GOVERNMENT asking what it is doing for my home town, and answer claims sent by its citizens through the website.