General Terms and Conditions of Use for the Senate Webpage

Last revision 10/06/2022

1. Acceptance Of Terms And Conditions Of Use

The domain is owned by the Senate.

Access to and use of the information and services contained on the Senate webpage, accessible through the URL, implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions of use.

By accessing and using the webpage, it is understood that the user fully and unreservedly accepts the content of each and every one of the terms and conditions of use, in the version published on the webpage at the time of access. If users do not agree with the content of the terms and conditions of use for the webpage, they must abstain from accessing its contents and making use of its services.

2. Quality Of Information

The Senate endeavours to ensure the truthfulness of all the details contained on its webpage, and to this end it will take any action required to offer complete and up-to-date information, avoid errors and rectify any mistakes detected.

The Senate reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior warning, the presentation and configuration of the webpage, as well as the contents and services available, and the conditions under which they are offered.

3. Availability Of Information

Through its webpage, the Senate offers citizens an information, communication and participation channel, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although update and response times might be subject to certain time restrictions.

The Senate cannot fully guarantee the functioning of the communication network and, therefore, does not accept any liability or responsibility regarding the availability of its server. The server could be disconnected without prior warning. The Senate will take any action required to ensure that the impact of maintenance work is kept to a minimum.

The Senate will not be liable for any damage, errors or inaccuracies resulting from the improper functioning of the webpage, or any direct or indirect damage resulting from the unavailability, interruption or non-continuity in the functioning of the webpage and its services.

4. Use Of Information

Users undertake to use the contents of the webpage with all due diligence and to refrain from activities which might be considered illicit, contrary to these terms and conditions of use, or against generally accepted uses.

Specifically, by way of an example, users shall abstain from engaging in any of the following activities:

  • Destroying, altering, rendering useless or damaging data or documents which are accessible through the webpage.
  • Preventing other users from accessing the webpage or its services through the mass usage of the computing resources through which the Senate provides its services, or carrying out updates which might damage, interrupt or create errors in these systems.
  • Sending out mass messages or messages with a commercial or publicity purpose without the consent of the recipient.
  • Using the webpage to try and access restricted areas of the Senate's IT systems.
  • Attempting to increase the privilege level of a certain user in the system. Installing by any means programmes, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or character sequence which might alter the Senate's IT systems.
  • Impersonating another user.
  • Inciting or promoting, through the webpage or services that are accessible through it, criminal, discriminatory, defamatory, offensive or any actions that are, in general, contrary to the law, morality or public order.

5. Establishing Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks to other webpages

The Senate webpage includes links to other websites owned by third parties (“links”) which are deemed to be of interest to users. However, the Senate accepts no responsibility whatsoever resulting from the connection or contents of linked pages.

Hyperlinks from other webpages to the Senate webpage

The establishment of a hyperlink from another webpage to the Senate webpage does not under any circumstances imply the existence of a relationship between the Senate and the owner of the webpage from which said hyperlink is established, or the Senate’s acceptance or approval of the external webpage's contents or services. Therefore, it is not declared nor is it to be understood that the Senate has expressly authorised the hyperlink or that it has supervised or accepted in any way the services offered or made available through the webpage from which the hyperlink is established.


The Senate expressly prohibits the creation of "frames" or the third-party use of any other mechanisms which might alter the design, original configuration or contents of its Portal.

6. Intellectual And Industrial Property

The intellectual property rights to the webpage, its source code, design, browsing structure, databases and different constituent parts are owned by the Senate.

Although, as a general rule, the information contained on the webpage can be re-used in the terms established in these terms and conditions of use, all the contents of the webpage (including, but not limited to symbols, brands, images, texts, audio, video, database contents and software) are the property of the Senate or the service or contents providers which have awarded the relevant licence or transferred exploitation of these contents to the Senate. The aforementioned contents are protected by intellectual and industrial property legislation.

7. Personal Data Protection And Privacy Policy

Personal data protection and privacy


Cookies are small files with information stored by the browser at the request of the webpage being browsed by a user in order to distinguish between that user and others, adapting the way it functions to each user. They were first used to store virtual shopping carts on webpages with a commercial purpose, but their usage has spread to fulfil different purposes.

The Senate webpage does not use cookies to carry out its functions. However, some external programmes, whose services are used by the webpage by means of plug-ins, do use them, such as (showing the weather), and the map on Google Maps (showing the location of the Senate Palace on the "Getting to the Senate” page).

If they should ever be used in the future in order to customise certain services to each user, you will be informed in these terms and conditions of use.

Under no circumstances will the cookies on the Senate webpage read data from the user's hard drive or cookie files created by other providers.

8. Liability Exemptions

Access to the webpage, as well as any use made of the information contained therein, are the sole responsibility of the user.

The Senate is not liable for any improper use of the webpage or its contents by users. Users are solely responsible for any infractions they might commit or any damage that might be caused by the improper use of the webpage, its services or contents. Users are held solely responsible in the event of any claims or legal action, judicial or extra-judicial, undertaken by third parties against the user or against the Senate based on improper use of the website, its services or contents.

The Senate will not be responsible for any damage caused by interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone faults or disconnections in the operational functioning of the system, brought about by causes beyond the Senate's control, or for delays or blockages in the webpage systems caused by deficiencies or the overloading of phone lines, the Internet system or any other electronic system, or for damage that might be caused by third parties by means of illegal intervention that is beyond the Senate's control.