Senate Speaker

Last update 15/07/2019

Manuel Cruz Rodríguez

Senate Speaker. Manuel Cruz Rodríguez

Manuel Cruz (Barcelona, 1951), Speaker of the Spanish Senate, Senator for Barcelona.

Chair of Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Barcelona.

Head of the Department of History of Philosophy, Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Culture at the Faculty of Philosophy at the aforementioned University from 1986-93.

Visiting lecturer at various European and American universities.

Has been the series editor of the "Pensamiento contemporáneo" (Contemporary Thought) and "Biblioteca del Presente" (Library of the Present) collections, both published by Paidós, having been co-editor of the collections "Filosofía, hoy" (Philosophy, Today), published by Santillana, and “Biblioteca Iberoamericana de Ensayo” (Ibero-American Essay Library), published by Paidós Mexicana. He also edited the magazine Barcelona METRÓPOLIS.

He is currently the series editor of the “Pensamiento Herder” (Herder Thought) collection, published by Herder, and of the series "Pensamiento 21" (Thought 21), published by Los libros de La Catarata.

From 2013 until 2016 he was President of the Federalistes d´Esquerres (Left-Wing Federalists) association.

From 2016 until 2019 he was PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) spokesman on the Education Committee and the Science, Innovation and Universities Committee in the Spanish Congress of Deputies.

Author of more than 30 titles (some of which have been translated into other languages), and the compiler of almost 15 collective volumes.

Winner of the Anagrama de Ensayo award in 2005 for his book Las malas pasadas del pasado, and the 2010 Espasa de Ensayo award for Amo, luego existo, the 2012 Jovellanos de Ensayo award for Adiós, historia, adiós and the Miguel de Unamuno award in 2016 for La flecha sin blanco de la historia.

His most recent booked is titled Dar(se) cuenta.

Has been a regular contributor to El País and El Confidencial newspapers.