Economic Regime

Last update 04/17/2024


Legal system applying to salaries and other financial assistance

Sec. 71.4 of the Spanish Constitution:
«Deputies and Senators will receive a salary which will be set by the respective Houses.»

Sec. 23.1. of Senate Standing Orders:
«Senators will have (...) the right to salaries, allowances and reimbursement for expenses necessary for carrying out their duties as established in the Senate Budget (…). » 


All sums included in this section on remuneration are received in 14 payments and are subject to the general system for tax with holding and payment.

Identical constitutional salary for all Senators: 3.204,79 Euros per month.

Monthly supplements based on position:


Speaker of the Senate
Concept Euros
Salary 3.505,95
Supplement 5.117,96


Deputy Speakers of the Senate
Concept Euros
Salary 1.380,10
Supplement 3.127,54



Senate Secretaries
Concept Euros
Salary 1.077,59
Supplement 2.874,09



Supplement for Parliamentary Group Spokespersons
Position Euros
Spokespersons 3.043,47
Deputy spokespersons 2.376,96



Supplement for the Bureau of the Senate and Committee Spokespersons
Position Euros
Speakers 1.630,15
Deputy Speakers 1.191,84
Secretaries 794,56
Spokespersons 1.191,84
Deputy Spokerspersons 794,56


These salary supplements are incompatible with each other, exluding the Speaker of the Senate supplement wich is compatible with that of Committee Chairperson, and the supplements for Parliamentary Group Spokespersons and Deputy Spokespersons, which are compatible with a Committee position.



Allowances and financial assistance

Legal system

Senators have a right to «(…) allowances and reimbursement for expenses necessary for carrying out their duties as established in the Senate Budget (…).» (Sec. 23.1 of the Senate Standing Orders), and «within national borders, (…) to free use of means of public transport as determined by the Bureau of the Senate or to the payment, where appropriate, out of the House Budget, of the costs of journeys made in accordance with the regulations established by the Bureau from time to time», (sec. 24.1 of the Senate Standing Orders).
Bureau of the Senate Resolution, dated November 18th, 2014, concerning the monitoring and reporting of travel by Senators (Official Parliament Gazette  [B.O.C.G.], Senate, nº 440 dated November 20th, 2014).


With this sum, distributed over 14 payments in an amout standing at. 2.056,95 Euros for Senators representing constituencies outside of Madrid, and 980,96 Euros for those elected for or allocated to Madrid, parliamentarians must meet the costs incurred through their activities in the House. This sum is therefore aimed at covering expenses and, as such, is tax-free in accordance with sec. 17.2 b) of Act 35 dated November 28th, 2006.



  1. The Senate covers Senators' public transport expenses (air, train, bus and boat fares) in the undertaking of their parliamentary activities, when carrying out activities of a political or sector-based nature or for institutional representation, as well as for any official trips made when representing the Senate; all duly justified as per the terms of the Bureau of the Senate Resolution dated November 18th, 2014, concerning the monitoring and reporting of travel by Senators (Official Parliament Gazette [B.O.C.G.], Senate, nº 440, dated November 20th, 2014).
    The Senate pays the transport company directly for the ticket or reimburses Senators for their expenses subject to prior presentation of the invoice, including any costs incurred for parking at train stations and airports.
  2. Furthermore, the Senate provides Senators with a Taxi-Card with a maximum annual credit limit of 3,000 Euros, valid for journeys within the Madrid Self-governing Community.
  3. In the event of Senators using their own vehicles when travelling to the House to participate in parliamentary activities, subject to prior justification they will be reimbursed in the amount of 0.26 euros per kilometre, as well as the cost of any motorway tolls, where necesary.

On the dissolution of the Chambers, travel expenses (car, plane, train, bus or boat) of Senators who are out of office are no longer covered, and the taxi card will be cancelled.



Senators' travel expenses included in the Senate Budget.

Travel Expenses

The amount paid for expenses incurred on trips made by Senators on official business is set at 150 Euros per day when travelling abroad and 120 Euros per day for trips within Spain.

Expenses are not paid for travel to parliamentary sittings of the House (Plenary Sittings, Committees, Reporting Bodies,…).

Other financial assistance

  1. The Senate provides its members with a corporate mobile telephone to receive summons from the House by text message, as well as a laptop computer and a tablet for the electronic presentation of bills. (more information).
  2. All Senators have an office for their own or shared used in the Senate.
  3. Certain Senators may have assistants to support them in the performance of their duties:
    The Speaker's Office currently has 8 members.
    Members of the Bureau (Deputy Speakers and Secretaries) have 2 assistants each.
  4. Currently, the three former Presidents who maintain the status of Senators have a total of 3 people as temporary staff.

    Distribution of attendees according to Parliamentary Group
    Grupo Parlamentario Número de Senadores Número de asistentes (Módulos) Ratio por Senador
    Popular en el Senado 143 48 0,34
    Socialista 89 36 0,40
    Izquierdas por la Independencia (Esquerra Republicana-Euskal Herria Bildu) 11 4 0,36
    Plural en el Senado Junts per Catalunya-Coalición Canaria - Agrupación Herreña Independiente - Bloque Nacionalista Galego 6 4 0,67
    Vasco en el Senado (EAJ - PNV) 6 4 0,67
    Izquierda Confederal (Más Madrid, Eivissa i Formentera al Senat, Compromís, Agrupación Socialista Gomera y Geroa Bai) 6 4 0,67
    Mixto* 4 4 1,00

 The Senate grants the Parliamentary Groups of which the Senators are members with the subsidies that are set out in the section relating to Parliamentary Groups.