Data Protection Officer

Last update: 18/01/2021

The Data Protection Officer for the Senate is the Senior Counsel of the Legal Department.

The appointment and removal of the DPO will be notified to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The person designated as the Data Protection Officer in the Senate is:

  • The Senior Counsel of the Legal Department
  • Address: Calle Bailén 3 in 28071 Madrid
  • Telephone: 91 538 19 00
  • Email:

The Data Protection Officer takes part in all matters pertaining to the protection of personal information and acts independently in the performance of his or her functions.

The following are the functions of the Data Protection Officer:

  1. to report to and advise the Senate, its data processors and all personnel dealing with processing of their obligations with respect to the application of the GDPR and other provisions applicable to this subject area.
  2. supervise compliance with regulations, the allocation of responsibilities, awareness-raising and training of personnel and the analysis of processing activities.
  3. consider the need for performing impact assessments and implementing security measures in connection with data protection, as well as supervising their application.
  4. co-operating with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  5. acting as the contact person for the Senate vis-à-vis the Spanish Data Protection Agency and data subjects.
  6. advise on the establishment of procedures pertaining to the exercise of data protection rights and evaluating the requests received.



Head Lawyer in Senate Legal Consultancy


  Calle Bailén 3, 28071 (Madrid)