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Last revision 01/19/2021

The Senate approved the Service Charter with the purpose, among others, of bringing said institution into closer contact with the general public, opening up communications and participation channels, and facilitating visits to its headquarters. As such, its website provides users with communications channels (email addresses, social networks, blogs, personal pages and so on) relating to Senators, Parliamentary Groups and Committees, all via the same portal.

Furthermore, the Senate maintains institutional profiles on a number of social networks Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, with the aim of facilitating communications with, and the involvement of, the general public, providing information on the composition and activities of the House, and dealing with queries and requests for information submitted by users via the aforementioned channels.

Users can also contribute to improving the services provided by submitting suggestions and complaints, as they deem appropriate, with Senators undertaking to analyse, answer and, as far as possible, implement them.