Requirements to work in the Senate

Last revision 03/01/2021

Civil and non-civil servant personnel

The process to recruit members of Parliamentary civil service and non-civil service staff will be based on the principles of merit and capacity.

To be able to participate in the selection process, candidates must:

  1. Be a Spanish national and of legal age.
  2. Hold the corresponding qualification or be expected to obtain it by the deadline of the application process.
  3. Not have been dismissed via disciplinary proceedings from any Public Administration body or be incapable of holding a civil service position for any reason.
  4. Not have an illness or disability that prevents them from performing the corresponding functions.
  5. Meet the requirements established for each recruitment process.

Recruitment processes must not establish any requirements that discriminate against candidates on the grounds of race, gender, religion, opinion, place of birth or residence, or any other personal or social condition or circumstance. Candidates must not be asked questions about their ideology, religion or beliefs.

In all recruitment processes, 10% of the places available will be reserved for people with a disability percentage of at least 33%, provided they meet the requirements of the process, pass the relevant tests and can accredit their functional capacity to perform the corresponding tasks.

The recruitment of people with disabilities will be grounded in the principles of equal opportunities and the compensation of disadvantages, with the corresponding adaptations made when required.

The following academic requirements are established for entry into the different Civil Service units:

  1. Parliamentary Counsellors. Bachelor's Degree in Law.
  2. Parliamentary Archivists - Librarians. Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Letters with any specialisation: Documentation, Law, Politics, Economics and Business Studies, Sociology or Computer Sciences.
  3. Parliamentary Advisors: Higher qualification corresponding to the specialist field required (Politics, Economics and Business Studies, Information Sciences, Industrial, Engineering, Architecture, Computer Engineering or Advanced Technical Telecommunications Engineering).
  4. Parliamentary Editors, Shorthand Clerks and Stenotypists. Undergraduate Degree or equivalent.
  5. Parliamentary Technical Administration Service. Undergraduate Degree or equivalent.
  6. Parliamentary Administration Service. Bachillerato or equivalent.
  7. Parliamentary Ushers. Certificate in Compulsory Secondary Education or equivalent.

The specific requirements for recruitment as a non-civil service staff member of the Senate: specified in each recruitment process.

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